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We've all seen them Cool Base Mike Schmidt Jersey , you've been browsing a website and you click a link and nothing loads apart from the words '404 Error' along with the usual stuff.

So what is a 404 Error page? The 404 Error page, basically informs the user that the server cannot find the file they are looking for. However, instead of using the default 404 Error page you can create your own, this is how you do it.

First, you need your .htaccess file which should be within your web site directory. If you cannot find it you will need to create one. You will have to contact your host asking them how you would go about creating or editing this file. They may want you to use a text editor and then upload it Authentic Jake Arrieta Jersey , or they may want you to use a PICO editor and create or edit the file on the server.

How you have access to the .htaccess file lets edit it. Add this line to the .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404 >
Make sure this line is kept on online. This is where your 404 Error page is kept.

Now you've change the .htaccess file you need to create the page. This is simply a normal HTML document. Once you've created the HTML document, save it and call it . Now the next step is to upload the .htaccess file and the page to the server.

Now that is done your next step is to turn it on. This is done by setting the CHMOD attribute to 644. You can do this via telnet or some FTP programs. If your going to telnet into your server, use the following command:

chmod 644 .htaccess

Now test to see if it's worked. Just go to a page that doesn't exist on your server and you should see your new 404 Error page. If not, then make sure the CHMOD is set correctly, and if that doesn't help Authentic Aaron Nola Jersey , you may want to ask your hosting company for support.

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I currently own and run a small E-commerce template website located at . You can find several more guides located at The most famous of the Dodecanese, beautiful and famous for its mixed lifestyles, Rhodos has contributed the Colossus, a huge statue which stood at the port's entrance, to the seven wonders of the world. The old city is surrounded by powerful fortifications with bastions Authentic Andrew McCutchen Jersey , battlements, gates and moat; a fine example of 15-16th century art. In the midst of the old city, and separated from it by an internal wall, stands the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Order of Saint John.

Now fully restored, with its fine wooden ceilings and floors paved with marble in various colors or with ancient mosaics brought over from Kos and alabaster windows Authentic Rhys Hoskins Jersey , its fine 16th century furniture, this castle will fascinate you and make you understand the great diversity of Greek history. Rhodos offers beautiful holiday resorts along an endless coastline, restaurants, tavernas etc. and a famous casino. Numerous excursions and sailing trips can be made to visit sights like Kamiros, regarded as the Pompeii of Rhodes Authentic J. T. Realmuto Jersey , and Butterfly valley, the Castallia fountain and many more.

Last but not least, the Acropolis of Lindos, where a spacious arcade marks the beginning of a stately staircase leading to the raised terrace on which stand the remains of 5th century BC Propylaea. Past this , the way leads to the sanctuary of the Lindian Athena with its beautiful 4th century BC temple perched on the edge of the cliff commanding a breathtaking view of the sea below.

Rhodos is the main base in the Dodecanese for bareboat charters in the area and the adjacent Turkish coast. Crewed yachts are available from Rhodos at an extra charge Authentic Maikel Franco Jersey , due to the cost of the empty run. Click on the following link for bare boat charters and this one for our list of crewed yachts.

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