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The leaf jade tiger rebukes with sarcastic remarks:"Overpraise, two years 2 classes only getting generation will soon come for coquettish ages, you have peace of mind of back service."
Rushed through to come up from the behind in Li Yu:"He Xin, at the beginning I say as long as rendering up Li Xing Hua of your class me, finals you still keep aring champions, regrettable, someone is to don't begin to understand."
What lately like Li Xing Hua for more than two years, how permit wild diagram of others to try to usurp the fairy in the heart, Nu way:" Su of your class red Hong and Anne is purely pure, the Mu permit blue fall, the shell Xiao Dan, Chen Zhi Hui and moxa the purple Ying render up me, I perhaps will consider consideration."
The leaf jade tiger raises a crystal trophy and then hits toward his heads.The crystal is extremely strong and tough, although cheats on labor and material while creating a trophy to, without many weights, still beat what lately a head of planted chairman's set.
Chiu is big strange to frightened to disgrace do not know today is he which the time frightened to disgrace, two hat second prize captains defied each other spirit's fighting in the board of directors member's in front isn't a small matter, urgently in a hurry small run but under, catch a leaf jade tiger the harsh voice inquiry is severals, then take 2 people to office together.The president seems to accustom to, all what rubbish didn't say.
The distance sees this act, Liao learned a soldier to shake to shake head and estimated punish.
There being still a drooping wearing head ground to fall a Mo figuring on the grandstand is exactly remaining Wei ocean at deliberate oneself why will wither, underestimate enemy arrogance from the first, repeatedly drive emotion influence way of thinking, slowly can not tell intention of opponent each instruction, don't lose just strange.
Liao learns a soldier to pass by him and throws down a words:"Remaining Wei ocean?I see is impotence remaining."
Remaining Wei ocean silent long time, strongly vomit one thick phlegm.
Call member of team of football all the Islam room is just preparing Xun words, surprisingly leaf the jade tiger was very quick and then came back.Originally the student's conflict returns conflict, but if meet a teacher to punish, will have much of the knot of tacit understanding as the same line of battle, mislead the leaf in the place the jade tiger dint certificate Be just momentary hand slippery, lately mean 2 people to have no gratitude and grudge, Chiu is big strange to have to to what then release them.
2 people walk to the down stairs to just go away towards scolding an each other.
"This a period of time everyone can make great effort very much, we all saw, so everyone remembers this truth and has effort and then have repay and study cultural knowledge is also similar, among them examination shall arrive soon, who also not ability human feelings, cash now you promise before football league match of promise."
"What promise?"Is public in every aspect and mutually Qu, pass Mu cloud still curiously asks a way:"Should can't be want to make us invite you to have a dinner?"
Receive a soldier to say:"I guess that he once forced us to hand over to him the champion funds."
The good boy dares to pretend ignorance Chong Leng in the big Ye in front, "the student is most not importantly outside knowledge and result, you once adapted to, I led you to seize football league match champion, will promise on the midterm to obtain good result, to?"The old Liao strict but deep and low voice is full of the whole dark classroom.
Chen You Nian jilted to jilt hair, despise way:"Again isn't that you take a brigade, assistant coach Li Qian is this class of of biggest hero, do you think that all of us are fools.So our root need not publish what commitment, directly cancel.Don't think that breaking a car was an upscale personage.Do Lao Tze's homes all take charge of Lai Si to deliver cargo with the Lao."
Four eyes cannot help but answering 1:"My house goes out to a little bit nearly use private aircraft carrier, a little bit a little bit farer multiply by Fang airplane for sky, occasionally buy a catty of big cabbage at the market, UFO is quite the cheese."
Student too the Jie Ao don't tame, old Liao's face hanged not to live, "I admit that I lack some creativity, however you can not annihilate my ground achievement and examine to still keep wanting the diligent among them, otherwise am a trouble to me, will also bother more to you.
Chen You Nian a listen to:This isn't the completely naked threat?One Nu in heart, in anger on striking table, way:"No matter how it is, among them, the examination still have to see my center of earth feeling."The Mao ground stands up and leaves classroom.

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