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the bachelor's degree, Master and Doctor break head to want to go in call through, shell clearly handsome dislike and return and dislike, can he is a vice president, if return to an and say, dormitory that helping the spoony the female all is screaming and robbing and rather sell at a loss a body.The affair develops till the last, heavy uncle in Rwanda shakes once the voice change and shock to appear and connect a group vice president of the North Sea even rise even sit of"Qin Shao" also want to call his an uncle and compensate a gift to admit mistake, this is the river rain Xi before doing not come how also surprisingly matter.
But the Wei joss-stick Chun accepted what be called a true person not and expose mutually, almost calculate above brain one blank.This is about a heavy stroke to him.The father who works in hundred million allied groups get not what, knowing Mo Lao Wu, shell a life time the Xiang is strong person's 1.Compare under, he suddenly feels that he is like mole cricket and ant similar boundless little.Why?A bumpkin that comes back from Rwanda why also ability the power and prestige become so?
"The wise niece sees you livinging handsome and natural and unrestrainedly and enjoying the true meaning of breaking the back, the uncle gives you to meet a gift."Liao learns the soldier is always left to touch right to touch in the trousers Dou, take out five dollars that wrinkly Ba expects to fill Mo inside in the Tai hand, " gift light friendship heavy, take this money to go home to marry one well building daughter-in-law, hereafter don't be getting more flamboyant everywhere.I and your fathers are all traditional persons, hope a son to become a house earlier, I also early as possible embrace grandnephew."
Mo the Tai always almost throw up blood:Your Liao learns a soldier still and is really an in power not Rao person, the pole exert sarcasm of ability matter.Wait Lao Tze to hang up Su ice cloud to humiliate you well again.Is bad malicious wretchedness ground 5 dollars money fill into side pocket, a speech not hair.
Mo Lao Wu silently learns the soldier to Liao and pulls a soft-voiced way of part:"You***do not be too unrestrained, Meng orchid basin will that matter did I accept your feeling, isn't the contract used ice Ms. Yu to exchange?Then Luo inside eight the Suos are Lao Tze's a head that explodes you."
Liao learns a soldier to clap him full is the belly of fatty oil:"Your son at at present, don't want to break son though unique puts a horse to come over."
Mo Lao Wu Fen Fen not language, this guy why have no a family members to make me capture to threaten some kind of, see come or do bachelor like.
Liao learns a soldier to see his facial expression Yu not, the exhibition Yan says with smile:"Open a fun just, don't take seriously.The Meng orchid basin will open quickly, the our opportunity to cooperate is many BE, don't want to this kind of small matter deeply concerned at heart, your body fat heart not breadth, do I the such Tan concuss of the breadth of mind still have to make great effort much and more."
Mo Lao Wu twists an opponent bottom to say:"Chase those two roast suckling pigs to connect table to bring over here together."
"What?I whole body stall goods, afraid you don't become?"
The under charge has already put good table in front of them, two Human body the side all put up small chair, Mo Lao Wu shakes and says:"Sit, change a new play today, who finish eating a roast suckling pig first who win.Two milk pig just about size, you choose first."
Mo the Tai is always puzzling:Die old headman and Liao to learn that stupid person of soldier to exactly want to do what?
Liao learned a soldier to in front choose one to look smaller of, shout a way:"Start!"2 people eat voraciously at the same time and attend to not and up image, mouth piece must much and greatly have much big, the remnant splashes, airtight oil crosscurrent, a roast suckling pig nearly and tenth, the catty is heavy, remove bone,
Condiment, juice water also still has 56 catties of, Liao learns soldier and Wei the joss-stick Chun wait person to once have a meal in the western park hotel, the belly hasn't digested, it is to complain of hard lot repeatedly to more eat more, and the savory milk pig is dull in the his mouth.
Once saw the eldest brother and Liao learn two attendant bitternesses bitterness that the soldier commits tomfoolery to endure to smile an idea, Mo Lao Wu took time to sweep their one eye, and two under charge favour shouted a way:"Five Yes necessarily win!Five Yes necessarily win!"
Mo cold sweat of Tai always wet a dress back:"Are the old daddy a somehow open western city eldest brother, don't want to bring shame together with Liao stupid goods?"
Wei joss-stick the Chun pull a river rain Xi take advantage of an opportunity and slip away, river rain Xi flounces to open him and run to Liao to learn a soldier after death again call greatly jump:"Uncle Liao encourages, must win he at eating!"

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